How do I win in a corrupt court?


“How do I win in a corrupt court?”  I get this question a lot.  There are many messages and inquiries from people from all over the United States regarding this issue, so everyone must understand that the courts are not on the side of the people, but the corporations.  This is clear, evident and statistically true.  Does this mean that the courts, staff, and judges are taking bribes?  Perhaps, and in numerous cases around the country this has been found out to be true.

Could it not be corruption and simply that courts are ignorant to the issues?  That may have been the case in 2008, but many years and court cases have crossed the judicial benches over the years to which I no longer believe that judges are ignorant to the fraudulent issues that are plaguing the foreclosure industry any longer.  They are simply being paid off to look the other way.

In order to take on any party within the confined walls of Just US, I mean justice, you must have all of your evidence and claims of action detailed and complete.   If the courts tend to side with a bank (and this is the case across the nation) despite the bank having any of the legitimate documents, or use forgeries, or are not compliant with the rules of law, yet still win, one must understand that in order to take on these corrupt systems on you must have much more detailed information than the other party and you must be able to argue this information appropriately in the court of law.

I received this email the other day and wanted to share it with you, and my response:



June 29, 2016


Today I attended a trial for my UD against my eviction. this is a long story but this lawyer who said he represented bank of new york mellon and the bank bought my house in foreclosure by sls and shapiro law firm i am finding that all of them conspire DAKOTA COUNTY IS FULL OF CORRUPT KNOW-NOTHING DIRTBAGS. LED BY THE BIGGEST ONE OF ALL… THE COUNTY ATTORNEYS OFFICE SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN PERMANENTLY FOR VIOLATING PEOPLE’S CIVIL RIGHTS UNDER THE COLOR OF LAW.

How do I win in a corrupt court?



That is a very good question.  The courts are indeed corrupt and complicit.  Some are simply ignorant.  Yet, there are some judges who are attempting to find truth.  It is certainly the luck of the draw.  Winning in a corrupt court is something that takes time, effort, patience, perseverance, courage and tenacity.  If you find corruption in the court you can file against the judge for judicial review,  You can also file a claim at the Bar association.  Remember, upon doing so you are entering the “good ole boys club” to which all of them watch eachother’s back.  Some of these filings cannot be done in Pro Per or Pro Se.  They must be filed by an attorney and member of the bar.  Also, many of those do not want to file these things as it will then label them as being against the system, the status quo.

New York Mellon is one of the largest and most corrupt banks in this whole fraud.  They are one of the most used financial institutions for when the note gets to the Securitization stage.  Nearly 99% of ALL notes that were Securitized were done so illegally.  No court has really addressed this issue.  ALL of the SEC rules are necessary to be followed.  ALL rules of the Pooling and Servicing agreement must be followed.  Due to all of these rules, there is an over 99% chance that any loan that was Securitized was done so incorrectly, and is therefore VOID.  In order to really wrap your mind around this information and evidence you must do a Securitization Audit.  If this is something you are interested in, we can assist you with this action.

In this package of material that comes with the audit includes all of the documents needed to file a multiple count (usually as many as twelve counts) complaint against the parties you are referring to, and others that might show up.  This package includes the legal documents necessary to file the actions in Federal Court.  It also includes a Lis Pendens(if necessary), expert testimony and affidavits for testimony, and more.  These are completed by licensed attorneys and are ready to file.  If you need access and in court testimony from the expert witness, this is also available for an additional charge(of course).  But, this package is designed to open a claim of action against the defendants for what you have experienced.  You can give these documents to your own attorney, who can add whatever other points and legal references they might to include.  This detailed Securitization trail usually finds that your note was Secured in a way that is done illegally and is therefore VOID.  This package, which includes the audit information, the complete legal claim of actions, and all of the legal documents to file in court costs $2995.00.


I hope that this might be of assistance.  I wish you good luck in your venture.


Doug Boggs
Foreclosure expert
Author – “A Quantum of Justice”
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