War…what is it good for?


War, what is it good for? In political posturing times like these we hear all about war in words that go static in rhetoric of promises that usually end up broken.

I am an optimist, and probably more to fact, a Utopian theorist, and believe that the human condition can evolve out of its ego state and into a more communal hive society that can withstand the need for war, in the future. Perhaps, I might best be labeled a Protopian. As a healthy optimism might cause us to think that utopia is just over the horizon, something called “protopia” may be closer than we realise. Protopia is an intentional trend toward improved circumstances; a proactive bettering of prospects and living conditions due to applied intelligence combined with the optimistic belief in a positive future.

There has been much talk recently about altruism, and the billionaires that are “joining the club” of giving away their wealth to create a better world. I don’t feel that money is what will create a better world. Make no mistake, because our current world is based on it, having it, and a lot of it, would help anyone’s world be more comfortable. However, due to the fact that the rich run the world, to which their actions create the wars, and the policies, this is exemplary that simply having money is not the answer, as we all watch our world go down the toilet due to the greed and arrogance of an unthoughtful and in-compassionate and un-empathetic group of humans…but, I digress…Money alone cannot achieve a better future, it requires the energies of large numbers of intelligent, conscious, creative, and hard-working individuals if humans are to overcome the forces of dystopia and Idiocracy being unleashed by their oligarchical governments.

Pessimism can act as a paralytic, whereas optimism can act as an activator or motivator. Optimism is not based on temperament. It is a perspective that is, and should be, based on evidence and facts. It is a type of rationality that can, and should be, tested with facts. And tossed out if not true. Humans behave better when we are optimistic. Progress depends on innovation, and innovation needs optimism; where optimism is most present, so is innovation. Hot spots of innovation in history were hot spots of optimism in otherwise pessimistic societies. What we believe about our trajectory matters.

A lot of pessimism is correct. If things continue as they are we are doomed. Matt Ridley is the author of a recent book, The Rational Optimist, where he makes the case that human culture was created not by language (as per conventional wisdom) but by the exchange of ideas. Ridley writes: “If the world continues as it is, it will end in disaster for all humanity. If all transport depends on oil, and oil runs out, then transport will cease. If agriculture continues to depend on irrigation and aquifers are depleted, then starvation will ensue. But notice the conditional: if. The world will not continue as it is. That is the whole point of human progress, the whole message of cultural evolution.”

The world will not continue as is, but will change the game.

Some optimists are temperamentally inclined to think positive, while most people have to work at it. There is evidence to suggest that optimism can pay big dividends. And pessimism can sap one’s energies, imagination, and their will to solve problems.

All of this said, humans were not made for a Utopian type of society. Despite the best efforts of idealists, ideologues, revolutionaries, it is simply not in humans to work selflessly for the common good, like some type of hive animal…yet. This is not to say that, the future human condition might elevate itself to become more enlightened to the realization that in order to survive, as a specie, we must understand that we are a hive society, on this pale blue ball we call Earth.

One day an alien specie will come to this planet and let the world become conscious of this fact, and the dogmatic religious believers who continue their blind faith and accept the rhetoric that has been the “norm” throughout the evolution of man, might be shaken awake, and understand that we exist in this hive, and must learn to work together as a specie, in order to maintain the hive and our own longevity, as a specie. Because we do not as a specie fully understand our position in the Universe, and so many feel we are a superior being and alone in the Universe, we continue to ignore the idea that we are all one, and stuck here, in our hive and unable to change that condition.

The elite, oligarchy, ruling class of our world understands this, and take measured efforts to maintain the blind following of the mass in order so that those who are at top levels of government or positioned to be favoured by government contracts and disbursals of funds, will be greatly advantaged by such beliefs and trends. This is why politicians often use quasi-utopian language in order to gain power. Sometimes these “revolutionaries” mean well, and sometimes they are sociopathic power mongers or narcissistic seekers of adoration. Their motivations are irrelevant, since the end result, dystopia and Idiocracy, is the likeliest outcome of a continued thought process and action of the masses that we are indeed, not of one and currently still prisoners in our hive.

Of the three; Utopia, Dystopia, and Protopia; only Protopia has a future. While protopia can be assisted by persons of power and wealth, it is actually based upon a growing degree of competence, creativity, and optimism at the level of societal ferment. Such a shift in power — from the top to the middle — will only be possible with a diminishing of the top-down meddlings and dictates.

Also, the growing use of the enlightened mind. This is the most powerful part of the human condition that can tap into source and resource and understand what is necessary for this growth and what is unnecessary for the current conditions.

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