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My book project titled, Quantum of Justice, has taken much longer for me to do than I ever would have anticipated. After completing nearly 500 pages we are coming into the last handful to complete and finish the final edits.

This project was supposed to be a catharsis of sorts. But it became something different entirely. I wanted to create a book for people who are familiar with the foreclosure fraud issues yet would be able to find some new nuggets that might help them in their cause. I also wanted it to be able to introduce foreclosure fraud to all of those who are not familiar with the foreclosure process and all of its illegalities. This was the challenge. I also wanted to create something that was not only educational and enlightening but entertaining as well.

As I find myself in the final “home stretch” of this I am not only excited for it to be complete, but nervous as to how it might be received. I have learned through various writing circles that I participate in that once you release your book that question is moot as it is out of the writer’s hands, or keyboard, so to speak, or write…

I have done my best to create something that might help not only explain to the reader of the illegal atrocities that take place on a daily basis of illegal foreclosures throughout the country, but I it was my challenge to try to break into the realms of cognitive dissonance and to help readers see a different kind of truth that exists right in front of them.

I am excited to release this book project and will be setting up a webpage and begin mailings to the over 15,000 subscribers who have expressed interest in acquiring this book. If when you receive this post and wish to put your name on the list for the upcoming release you can send us your email and contact information on our contact page or you can send a note to

Thank you.

Doug Boggs

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