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(10% OFF) Forensic Loan Securitization Audit


I am a Nationally certified forensic loan securitization auditor and am offering a 10% savings on any audits done in the month of September. Schedule your audit so that you can save today!

I work with lawyers and/or private parties to conduct a loan securitization audit or review an existing audit made by a third party. I can assist attorneys to write (13) causes of action against wrongful foreclosures, TRO’s, and other non-judicial foreclosure documents 

Our report will include the following:

Loan Recording at county, governmental housing reporting agencies and financial reporting services; Deed Recording and Transfers; Verification that Assignees on Promissory Note is True and Correct Information Identifying “True” beneficial Interest as per Promissory Note; Disclosures and Sufficiency of Information as per UCC; Securitized Trust Verification; Pooling and Servicing Agreement governing the Trust that holds your Note CUSIP – Identifying the Trust Account; Trust Prospectus filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission Identification of the Servicers, Originators, Trustees and Underwriters; Details of Bond Performance – Transactional up-to-date information Periodic Reporting of Loan Performance in Securitized Trust Client Specific Information – (special requests)

We use a private Bloomberg terminal for the latest search for Non-Agency residential loans by characteristic. Either Loan Number or Original Amount that are provided to perform a search to verify that the loan is inside the Securitized Trust.

Also, I can help provide remote legal transcriber/researcher/writer to provide case document review; research/writing/transcribing for discovery, motions, complaints, answers, appeals, etc., for all types of cases.  

*This service is not offered by an attorney, and no legal advice is provided*

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