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Wow!!! What a day…..


From the desk of Ken Dost – Sept. 25, 2019

Wow !!! What a day….. 11 years 3 months and 2 days total since the nightmare began. By shear determination and grace of God, managed to stop more nonjudicial auctions than I can count, arrested and put on trial for chasing after an asshole taking pictures of my house charged with reckless driving, and could have went to jail for 6 months I think it was, but found innocent; fought a 3.5 year judicial action by HSBC, through 3 judges, until HSBC got their summary judgment on May 28, 2015. Made it through 3 auctions attempts.  Today though, September 25, 2019, full satisfaction of judgment, that will be almost 700K coming back… and that is nothing compared to all else I will have secured … accounts and lock boxes all over the world … but that is not the important point of this post.. 

The important point of this post is say yay!! We have a path, a Bona fide path to long standing and permanent relief.. it is not entirely done yet, as there are a couple of items yet to do to make it completely bullet, bomb, and Commonwealth-proof. 

It is a good day, not just me and mine, but for who struggle against a system that does not hear, see, or recognize the human pillaging that is taking place around the world. It is a good day cause the route that this despotism travels is now discovered and disseminated.. 

We, as a society, have a lot of work to do to wash away all the deceptions we have made to believe as fact; and to reeducate ourselves to the actual facts.  We are so out of touch with actual reality, that is to say, how the world actually functions in the present times, not how it did in 1933, or even how it was on June 22, 1998. The following day, June 23, 1998, the world as we understood changed forever, with the state street v signature financial group ruling. It was not just this ruling, it is the Legislative Acts between 1998-2002, the enacting of UCC rev 9 in 2001, that same year, by the OCC’s sweeping deregulation and preemption policies. It just so happens that these two major events get dusted by the implosion of the twin towers giving birth to the global war on terror .. 

I have my own ideas as to why, having to do with the expiration of the 1933 bankruptcy and trading with the enemies act, which people mistakenly believe still applies. Neither does though, because of what is mentioned above. You need to understand that the entire economy as you understood it .. mortgage loans, ownership, ordinary courier practices, the decades old economic paradigm, was eviscerated between 1998-2002, just like the twin towers … here one minute and gone the next.., Between 2002-2005 an entirely new economic system was being engineered and laid in place. Our attention was elsewhere, while the business of banking and foreign agent patent law firms were busy engineering an economic coup d’atet, that OCC gave protection to, by preemption.

From the desk of this blog host: If you haven’t heard of Ken or have been following him online during any of his long legal story, it is certainly something to be impressed with. What he has uncovered is an amazing feat to which I am eager to learn more and master over time as he has. I look forward to hearing more about his journey and knowledge of his views of the corruption of the systems that we are all in some way are beholden to. It is through efforts of people like him that for those who live on this blue ball, suspended in a sun beam, that we call home can hold hope that we will make this world a better place.

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