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It’s back to school time! Part ONE


It is back to school time for many. The shopping for new clothes. The need to purchase new books and other study supplies. Perhaps you need a new tablet or computer to help your brain do its thing. It’s time to leave the comfort of vacation and summer and head into the temples of learning and furthering your education.

With some of my clients and others around the country doing their own hard work in the blurry world of our judicial system there has been some headway in the world of Common Law.

What exactly is Common Law? It is the part of law that the lawyers and judges don’t want you to understand. It is the part of law where you are in control much more than in the “normal” world of our corrupt judicial system. It is the part of law where the Bar Association has tried to keep far away from “the people” understanding.

Well, I found someone who can explain things much better than I on this subject. Let me introduce you to a man named Bill Thorton. So, grab some popcorn, sit back with your note pad and learn.

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