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I had a dream


I had a dream.  In my dream, last night, sometime in the near future prior to the November mid term elections, there were two Russian fighter jets that were downed by the Royal Saudi Air Force(RSAF).  The Saudi’s F15’s out maneuvered the Russian MIG pilots, as if they were sitting still.  Or at least, that is the story that was put into the international press loop.  Let’s just state that the result did not fair thee well.

Vladimir Putin calculated the timing of this military exercise because he realized that he would not be able to corrupt the mid term elections enough to overthrow the democratic dominance for the congressional seats.  He knew he could hold the Senate, but in order to control the election process enough to turn the Congress he would have shown his hand substantially.  He and his American administration would have been too exposed.  So, before the Congress gets swayed from the GOP to the Democratic majority, he decided to make his move.

Putin has been wanting to put an end to the United Nations for quite some time.  America’s global dominance through this tool has been a bane to his existence for quite some time.  A slap in the face, so to speak from the world at large, at every turn for Putin.  Nearly, one year ago to the day, he chided the U.N. by skipping Trump’s first General Assembly meeting to watch massive war games near NATO’s eastern border.  Since then we have seen the results of Russian involvement in Syria, as well as, the United States involvement in Syria and the slaughter of thousands of innocent civilians.

In 2013, the USAF tendered an offer for security services to protect the Saudi air force from cyberwarfare attacks.  Despite this, it seems that Trump’s allegiance to Putin is stronger and declined to get involved in the current skirmish.

Russia invades Saudia Arabia using nuclear weapons.  Saudi’s respond in kind.  Despite this, it seems that Trump’s allegiance to Putin is stronger and declined to get involved.  The U.N. breaks up due to the lack of support from U.S. to its ally.  There is now global chaos in the markets.  The Middle Eastern countries began to scramble trying to create new relationships due to the exclusionary policy of the United States and their lack of follow through to long held alliances.

Putin also shut down the power grid in rolling black outs throughout the United States showing that he now has full access to disrupt the world’s most powerful country.  Internal chaos ensues throughout the United States.

World War iii begins.



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