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I’ve reached a milestone! It’s time for a call for action!


Thank you to all of you who have joined my blog project that I began nearly four years ago, as today I celebrate that I’ve reached a milestone of over 2500 subscribers so it’s time for a call for action!

This project began as a catharsis for me to get out my story regarding my lawsuit I filed against Wells Fargo for fraud while using it as a platform to inform others around the United States and the world of what I have learned of the fraud and corruption in the foreclosure industry, the financial industry, and our judicial system here in the United States  That lawsuit was the the hardest thing I have ever had to do and it came at the hardest time in my life.

I received my first fraudulent foreclosure documents from the defendants on Dec. 31, 2010,  while being current on my mortgage, despite the fact that I had not worked as a builder and real estate developer for nearly two and a half years at that time due to the collapse of the economy created by the defendant and other Wall Street financial behemoths, I was confused at the entire situation.  With no money to hire a lawyer, I had to act as my own attorney.  I quickly began researching and collecting information in order to formulate a lawsuit which was filed in February 2011.   Learning the legal language, rules and procedures in order to understand fraud and contracts and the laws of the foreclosure industry in the state of California was a very daunting task.  Learning the procedural intricacies of the rules of how to write and submit a lawsuit was also a very daunting task.  Doing both of these tasks at the same time while running against the timeline of losing my home was extremely challenging and very hard on my marriage.

I was able to stop the impending foreclosure action while the litigation took us through California Superior Court where I had filed the lawsuit originally.  Shortly after filing in the state, the defendants remanded the lawsuit to the federal court level to where I then needed to learn the new set of rules dealing with that court system as well, all the while, maintaining the timelines and filing deadlines of all of the motions, responses, and other moving documents that are part of a lawsuit in our judicial system.

Over these past years of writing this blog I have come in contact with thousands of people who have had to deal with their own foreclosure stories.  Each story is unique to every family and their own battles.  Some have had to deal with financial troubles or health issues or both while at the same time attempting to save their home.  There is one thing that I have noticed talking with every person and helping many go through hundreds or thousands of documents is that they have had to learn and come to realize the depth of fraud that is involved.  I have found that there is fraud in every case I have ever come across.  The level of deception by the financial industry is astounding.

Not only have I been working on this blog to help expose some of the fraud in the financial and foreclosure industries, I have also been authoring two books that I am releasing.  One is titled, “The Unlawful Unlawful Detainer” which details my own unlawful detainer case, and the other is titled “A Quantum of Justice” which follows my lawsuit against Wells Fargo Bank and goes in depth of the financial and foreclosure industries, and how it affects you at home without you even knowing.


As I reach this milestone of 2500 subscribers I have decided to begin the production on the documentary film that will follow up the two books I am releasing.  I will be interviewing Senators, Congresspersons, judges, lawyers, lobbyists, and many homeowners throughout the country to help me consolidate and expose the level of fraud that is involved in every home across the United States.

Now, you may have noticed that I stated in “every home” and not “in every home loan transaction” across the United States.  This is because I will show how there are people who have been foreclosed on by a bank who paid cash for their home and have never acquired a loan.  I will show that there are people who have been foreclosed on who have acquired a loan while they were dead and buried.  I will show that there are people who have been foreclosed on by banks that they have never done business with.  This and much more will be exposed giving all pause as to their level of trust in our corrupt systems.

I am currently working with a couple of CA state Senators to help change some of the rules of law that have allowed some of the foreclosure atrocities to manifest.  I am helping to shed light and to show them what legal nuances are being manipulated in order for the millions of illegal foreclosures that have taken place and continue to happen on a daily basis.

If you have not yet subscribed to this blog I urge you to do so and you will receive discounts for my books upon release.  You will also receive a discount on the DVD or download of the film when it is completed.  There will be other specials that will be offered to my blog subscribers as these projects move forward, so don’t hesitate to subscribe today!

If you have a story to tell  you can contact me through my blog.  I welcome to hear from you, my readers, who now span throughout the globe.  I look forward to hearing from you as I begin to prepare my journey across this great country of ours and sit across from you at your own kitchen table to discuss these issues that our government has done nothing to help subside.  My film project will take the information exposed in the Oscar winning films “The Inside Job” and “The Big Short” and bring it home to the living rooms of every family across the country showing how all of this corruption affects you and you don’t even know it.

Again, thank you for your continued readership.  Please tell your friends and others you may know who might benefit from this information and have them subscribe, as you have, as well.

If you would like to help be a part of this documentary, or know someone who might be in a position to assist in this project, I welcome to hear from you through my blog.  I know I have many readers from the film industry and many readers that might be in a position to help financially to be a part of the Executive Production team.  I welcome to hear from you.


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Thank you for stopping by.


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