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Documents needed to file a civil lawsuit

These links were used for the documents needed to file a lawsuit for Breach of Contract and Fraud in the state of CA.  They can be filled out online and printed in order to have a legal and professional presentation.

Summons SUM-100;   Civil Case Cover Sheet CM-010;   Complaint – Contract PLD-C-001; Cause of Action-Breach of Contract PLD-C-001(1);  Cause of Action-Fraud, PLD-C-001(3);  Attachment BC-2 MC-025;   Proof of Service POS-010;   FEE WAIVER REQUEST FW001;      Legal Pleading template for Plaintiff vs. Defendant in a civil lawsuit, 28 lines

Exhibits – all personally related documents to be filed for claim of action


*     Public Access to Court Electronic Records

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Browse all forms – CA Courts Judicial branch

If you would like more information about your note, see the chain of title,  find out if the securitization process was done correctly, find out if the note and deed of trust are void please send us your questions and concerns through our contact page and my team can help you get all of this information quickly and efficiently through a professional forensic loan audit.  This process with give you all of the necessary information to find out the what, when, where, and how’s of a borrower’s note.  This will give the borrower the answers to who is the legal owner of the loan, who is the servicer of the loan, where the loan ended up after the securitization process, and if any or all of this was done correctly, which would then let the borrower know if the loan is void and must be repaid, as well as, who has the right to collect any funds from the borrower.  Contact us for more information.


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