Money laundering and tax evasion at the highest level


We are finding that through Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and others that money laundering and tax evasion are happening at the highest levels.

TransCentra, is an independent and privately owned corporation. One might say it is a DISC corporation(*). Is it a platform banks use for money laundering and tax evasion disguised through subsidiaries, Servicers, and bogus CDO’s fueled through the US housing market…? 

Here is a snippet from their website on the “About Us” page:

“TransCentra helps you transform your critical treasury operations through innovation, automation, a deep understanding of financial processes, and a single-minded commitment to delivering improved outcomes. We achieve treasury impact by intelligently applying software and services that improve visibility into your corporate cash cycle, increase the efficiency of your billing and payment processes, and reduce the costs of your treasury activities.”

Here is an inside view of how a scheme might go:

A large financial organization registers a CDO. Basically, a CDO is simply a shell company located somewhere like the Cayman Islands. The company is funded with money from investors who transfer funds into the CDO through companies like TransCentra. Most of the time these funds come from unidentified investors for anonymity and tax evasion assistance.

TransCentra offers payment processing services for financial institutions. They also offer remote deposit and mobile deposit technologies. Another means of creating one more smoke and mirror to this process is Private Label Processing Solutions. This helps their client achieve their goals and objectives through the largest outsourced payment processing network in the United States, called Transaction Management System (TMS).

Using these technology firms such as BlackRock, Lone Stary, BlackStone will be wired money through TransCentra from the larger financial corporations. The BlackRock’s, Lone Star’s, and BlackStone’s of the world then pass it to subsidiaries such as PennyMac, Bayview, Caliber who then in turn sell bogys CDO’s and derivatives to institutional investors such as large pension funds. These funds in turn go on to claim enormous returns from defaulted loans.

These subsidiaries – Caliber, PennyMac, Bayview, then pass it on in the form of credit to smaller lenders who impersonate as actual “lenders” who give you money for the mortgage. Although the wire at the closing likely came from an impersonator-lender, the actual sender would probably be using TransCentra’s platform to hide its identity. 

When borrowers start to make payments, “Servicers” who are rotated through data management companies like Black Knight(aka LPS-DocX) who’s position is to collect checks and deposit it into TransCentra accounts for a benefit of a “within payee” and without prejudice. This simply means that TransCentra should not be held liable for banks fraud if the borrower discovers this scheme. 

At the same time, banks need to accelerate borrower’s actual default. They use various methods which, in my case, it was the filing of fraudulent documents in a non-judicial foreclosure procedure in order to bypass the timelines of the foreclosure process and to quickly and fraudulently foreclose on me. It is done to hundreds of families every day. Other situations might include lost payments; added late fees for no reason, manipulations with escrow accounts; junk insurances; short payment deadlines; Flood insurance, to name a few. 

So, mortgage payments are collected by a payee whom borrowers are not suppose to know; and definitely not for the benefit of any Government Sponsored Enterprise(GSE). 

These funds can be safely transferred through TransCentra back to the Cayman Islands and distributed to anonymous (offshore shell companies – corrupt politicians) investors. These inverstors do not want wait 30 years while American borrowers pay their loans. they need money laundered faster, preferably in 3-5 years. 

These kinds of transactions continue to date and were a direct link to the 2008 “crisis”. The signals are showing once again that we are raedying for a new collapse. I believe will be much more intense than before.

(*) FROM Wikipedia:

*A DISC is a U.S. corporation which has elected DISC status and meets certain other largely symbolic requirements.[1] A corporation so electing is not subject to U.S. Federal income tax.[2] Properly structured, a DISC has no activities other than on paper and no activities not related to the export of qualifying goods.[3]
Mechanism for benefit: A DISC contracts with a producer or reseller of U.S. made goods or provider of certain qualifying construction-related services to provide “services” to such related supplier for a fee. The fee is determined under formulas and rules defined in the law and regulations.[4] Under these regulations, the fee is deductible by the related supplier and results in a specified net profit to the DISC. This net profit is not subject to Federal income tax. The DISC then distributes the profit to its shareholders, who are taxable on the income as a qualified dividend.[5] If the shareholders are U.S. resident individuals or others eligible for the reduced rate of tax (now between 0% and 20%, depending on ordinary income level) on qualified dividends, then the tax rate on the income allocated to the DISC is reduced.
The pricing rules in the law and regulation are independent of the transfer pricing rules normally applicable to transactions between related parties. Thus, DISC profits are not dependent on the economic contribution of the DISC, and a DISC need have no substance.
Since a DISC has no substance, implementation and maintenance is fairly easy. Complexities can arise, however, in making calculations of the permitted DISC income due to rules designed to help maximize the subsidy.[6] These rules include a “no loss” rule, overall profit percentage, grouping, marginal costing and other techniques, use of which may be improved by software tools.
Additional substantial rules apply.[7]
DISCs were challenged by the European Community under the GATT. The United States then counterclaimed that European tax regulations concerning extraterritorial income were also GATT-incompatible. In 1976, a GATT panel found that both DISCs and the European tax regulations were GATT-incompatible. However, these cases were settled by the Tokyo Round Code on Subsidies and Countervailing Duties (predecessor to today’s SCM), and the GATT Council decided in 1981 to adopt the panel reports subject to the understanding that the terms of the settlement would apply. However, the WTO Panel in the 1999 case would later rule that the 1981 decision did not constitute a legal instrument within the meaning of GATT-1994, and hence was not binding on the panel. The Foreign Sales Corporation (FSC) was created in 1984 as an alternative to the DISC. In 1984, partially in response to international pressure, also amended the rules applicable to DISCs to provide that a DISC and its shareholders could continue to defer tax on the DISC’s income, but only if the DISC shareholders paid interest on the deferred tax.[8]

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