The fallacy of loan modifications


The fallacy of loan modifications help move people toward foreclosure by the belief that the system is designed to help them.

I will start this by stating that I am actually an optimist. Although, it is getting more and more difficult to find that place in today’s world of finance and political and corporate malfeasance.

The arrogance and greed of Wall Street and Washington and the frustration and confusion of the citizens is the game. The mob mentality and the manipulation of fear is the fuel…This is the largest corporate/governmental land grab in history. As the government owns Freddie and Fannie, do to the failed bailouts, (these institutions back 90% of American home loans) and the other banks are making record profits after they received their bailouts, yet are foreclosing en mass and not lending, this tells the story. Quite simple really. When the people begin to believe the level of corruption, from BOTH parties, and the fraud and corruption on Wall Street, and ACT against it things will change. And it can change overnight. France is a good current example.

This will go down in history, that is if the future history books are NOT written in TX, as the largest governmental and corporate land grab in history. The people that deny that this is taking place are not living in the real world. The people that refuse to think the world is this way are not living in the real world. You MUST wake up in order to take back what Wall Street, The FED, and Washington has taken from you! This is a NON PARTISAN situation…

Most people are asleep, and in denial of the true actions taking place. People are walking away from homes before playing their last hand, because they don’t understand the game, their options, their state’s foreclosure laws, the banks legal options, or even the fact that they have the opportunity to challenge the bank. People are nervous about their credit more than they are their home. The world of credit scores as it existed is over and new lines and rules MUST be redrawn. All a FICO score is is a calculated measure of risk tolerance that banks use. Fair Issac, the FICO people, and the 3 credit score firms are also deep into their own fraudulent situations. The whole system is in free fall. The mass media is trying to pacify the people with falsehoods, mis and dis information so the entire system doesn’t simply collapse. Yet the people and “their own little” system of paying bills and having food on the table has collapsed. Understand that your government, a bank or any corporation is NOT ON YOUR SIDE. They can write off losses, or get bailed out. They care NOTHING about the loan holder, or card holder…

If you have stopped paying your mortgage, don’t start again until the bank gives you a new mortgage in line with the current values and percentages. They will send a letter of foreclosure to you, they will threaten you. Possession in 9/10ths of the law. Each state has different Foreclosure policies, timelines, and practices. Learn them!! When the bank forecloses, they must go to court. You should also go to court. There will be a moment when you can ask the court that the bank produce the ORIGINAL loan document to the property in question that has YOUR INK! Due to the fraud, corruption, and criminal activity on Wall Street and the packaging and repackaging of loans that took place, and is still taking place, over 80% of the time the bank is UNABLE to produce the appropriate documents. It is their obligation to supply that document as without it they are in NO position to sue for the right to foreclose. Then follow this with a lawsuit against the bank for harassment, intent to commit fraud, coercion, and along the way we can think of many others…repackage that into massive class action lawsuits…you know…

All of their threatening phone calls, threatening letters of intent is designed to get the homeowner to collapse under that pressure BEFORE it reaches the courtroom. Foreclosure court is currently at the advantage of the homeowner, and not the bank. Why else would the banks and those firms involve forge signatures. Because they don’t have original documents, because they know that they cannot win in court if the people begin to challenge. Now, put that en mass!! That is where the power lies!! They must forge because they cannot come up with the appropriate documents. The paperwork is lost in the shuffle of the Wall Street fraud and corruption of packaging and repackaging loans to resell on the open market. There are even options that traders can buy for options on loans. To trade on loan packages and the real estate market.People spend money to agents that say to them that they will help them with their failed mortgage. This is the one of the biggest frauds being perpetuated today. They tell the homeowner that they will help them with the mortgage company to refinance their loan into a modification. Then they take their money and walk away, knowing the people don’t have the money to sue and come after them for fraud. If the bank cannot help you, that agent cannot help you. And the banks are NOT helping people. Simple. Do not use these con artists.

It is more cost effective for the banks to play the …”oops, we pushed a wrong button” game, or “we didn’t get that paperwork” response. They do this to drag out the process. To wear down the people to a point that people give up or feel that they will lose in the long run, so cut the loss now and move on. People are in a state of confusion with their loss of money, jobs, pride, family turmoil to understand that the banks care NOTHING about helping people. It is the banks position to help their stock holder, thus the Wall Street suit can get the bonus…

It is so simple, but most people don’t want to believe that this is how the world is. IT IS… This is the world we live in. Believe it. The beautiful, wonderful world we live in also has very dark and shitty corners. Understanding this will HELP you live in it. Hiding and not wanting to feel that this is the case will NOT help you. That is his world and the world of the elite on top that create war for profit, buy the judges, lobbyists and congresspersons in order create rules and regulations that help them win in situations like we are in.This will end when people step up and challenge the banks, en mass.

How about this – Everyone simply stop paying all of their mortgages, and credit card debt. Let the banks try to come at every single person in the country begging. The money savings to the people will be put back into the economy in much more productive means than simply paying corporate debt. This corporate debt will be washed away anyway, through the corporate laws allowing them to buy down and write off their debt. The stockholders will take a hit, so sell before begin this process…But what about FICO score. FICO scores are already dead in the water. The credit system that was designed is over. FICO means nothing when the banks are not lending. They are finding it easier and more cost effective for the banking institution to foreclose.Consider this:Does the government REALLY want to clean up this mess or can they find ways to meander through it until the world “gets back to normal” all the while making massive profits along the way…

Okay, let me put it to you this way, and you take it for what it is…In July 2008, Indy Mac failed and was seized by the FDIC. The assets of Indy Mac bank were sold to One West Bank in March 2009. One West Bank was created and is owned by Goldman Sachs VP Stephen Munchen and Billionaires George Soros and John Paulson. All of the residential 1st mortgages were purchased at 70% of the par value of the loan, and all HELOC’s were purchased at 58% of the par value of the loan. Then, the deal these men made with our tax dollars via the congress and senate who agreed to the deal, was that the FDIC would cover 80%-95% of the losses due to any short sales or foreclosures. Now, these men bought the loans at 70% of the value and are guaranteed to 95% of their money back. But, here is another part of their deal. The losses that are guaranteed are to be calculated on the original loan balance. This leaves a spread of profit on the table of a minimum of 20%…GUARANTEED. They CANNOT lose. Your tax dollars are securing their profit margin.

So let me spell it out a bit more clearly…(This is a real real estate transaction) The foreclosed homeowner had a loan balance of $485,000. One West Bank paid @ 70% 334,600 for this loan. Now, this homeowner is offered a short sale from the bank or in the marketplace of $241,000. Now, the ORIGINAL loan amount is what the FDIC agreed to back the percentage loss to One West Bank (or should I say Goldman Sachs and friends). So the difference in the adjusted loss is $244,200. So, the FDIC writes a check to One West for 80% of the loss to the tune of $195,360. So, now you would add the $195,360 from the government, to the profit of the short sale of $241,000 to reach a total of $436,360. But wait, One West only paid $334,600 for the loan. You see, all the bank had to do was sell it for WHATEVER they wanted to…the bank CANNOT lose money on this deal…So, Goldman Sachs, I mean, it’s subsidiary One West Bank, just profited on the sale $101,760.Thanks to YOUR tax dollars and the arrangement with the FDIC, the Goldman Sachs, I mean, it’s subsidiary, One West Bank will be doing this every day, hundreds or even thousand of times for a few years to come…GUARANTEED!!!!

So, if you are still asking yourself “why is it so hard to get a loan modification?” the answer might be simply that there is TOO much money to be made with write offs, short sales, and foreclosures than on loan modifications…You see, Goldman Sachs, damn I keep doing that, I mean, One West Bank actually profited from the sale to the tune of $101,760 even though it was sold for a lesser amount than what they bought it for…DO YOU SEE, YET? DO YOU GET IT?And, by the way, the FDIC recently announced that it needs to start borrowing money from the Treasury. Now, the Treasury is the place where all of the Goldman Sachs people come from. You know, Hank Paulson, Meg Whitman, and so many others…

The Treasury is the government, who Constitutionally, has the right to print their own money, butcancelled this right in 1913 made a deal with the PRIVATE group of white, rich, elite men from Germany, Austria, Switzerland to create the PRIVATE bank called THE FEDERAL RESERVE. or known more commonly as, The Fed. Note, I said PRIVATE BANK called The FED…

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