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A QUANTUM OF JUSTICE – a book and film by Doug Boggs

To see the Trailer – Quantum of Justice – the Documentary (Trailer)

This is the trailer of the film, based on the book, from the true story of the first hand experience of the film maker, Doug Boggs, and what he uncovered in his personal fraudulent foreclosure process and the subsequent legal battle against Wells Fargo Bank while acting as his own attorney through the state of CA Superior, Appellate, Supreme, and Federal 9th District court systems, UD Court, and IRS Court.  Many all at the same time.

This book and film expose the depth of the fraud of the foreclosure system, the failure of the justice system, the corruption of Wall Street and the illegalities of the Securitization of mortgages.

The documentary delves into how someone with NO mortgage is foreclosed on, how a homeowner can be current on their mortgage and still be foreclosed on, how there is a very high chance that the bank foreclosing on any property has NO right to do so, and how many of the banks that collect the money for a mortgage every month have NO right to bill or collect that money, but do so month after month, year after year. How Wall Street and the financial institutions illegally collect trillions of dollars for mortgages that they have no right to collect from. Yet, despite all of this, how the United States taxpayers bailed these banks out.

This film interviews homeowners, Senators, Congresspersons, Judges, lawyers, bankers, Wall Street traders and executives exposing the true depth of the fraud of foreclosures never before seen to date.

Quantum of Justice – the Documentary (Trailer)

The book, under the same title, takes a deeper look into much of the rules and through many of the case laws and precedents which created the lawsuit.  The author, Boggs, delves into much deeper detail of some of the legal nuances of the laws that allow the banks to navigate the foreclosure processes that allow them to steal homes, and how the corruption of the courts assist them which became the basis of the lawsuit, book and film.



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