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The genesis of this blog follows the author, Doug Boggs, as he begins to unwind the depths of financial fraud being perpetrated against us all.  What he learns comes directly from his own investigations for his personal fraudulent foreclosure lawsuit.  He gives us an inside view of the illegalities a non-judicial foreclosure procedure, the magnitude of the illegalities of the Securitization of notes on Wall Street and how that directly relates to us all.  His multi-year legal battle, against Wells Fargo Bank, took him to California Superior Court, California Appellate, State Supreme Court, as well as Federal District Court, UD Court, and IRS Court, all the while acting as his own attorney.  For a period, he found himself in Federal Court, Superior Court, UD Court, and IRS court all at the same time.

Since his lawsuit, Doug has become a nationally certified Bloomberg Forensic Mortgage Securitization Auditor.  He is a seasoned real estate investor who has held multiple properties in CA, AZ, NV, TX, and FL.  He has been a developer/builder in CA and TX through his own licensed general contracting firms.  He continues to supervise many private, as well as, public construction projects. He has been interviewed for television to include CNBC’s “Money Show” for his real estate expertise and featured on HGTV’s “Curb Appeal” and Dwell Magazine for his construction work.

Mr. Boggs acts as a consultant for homeowners, investors, lawyers, corporations, financial institutions and politicians on various real estate issues.  Doug is available to speaks to your audiences large and small on real estate, foreclosures, mortgage loan securitization, and working with our judicial system.


  1. Bloomberg forensic mortgage securitization auditor
  2. real estate investment/construction/development/foreclosure
  3. keynote speaker – real estate, foreclosure, mortgage securitization, the judicial system

He has lectured to audiences of 20 to 500 people.   Visit the Contact Page to inquire about scheduling Mr. Boggs for your next company speaking engagements.


This blog consists of excerpts from his book, “A Quantum of Justice”(2020 release).  You can also visit the Facebook page for this at Quantum of Justice.  This book will be followed by a documentary that Doug is currently in production on.  This will take the book into deeper details and directions helping to further expose the fraud of foreclosures and the illegalities of the securitization of notes on Wall Street.

In 1987 Doug wrote and produced the soundtrack to the documentary “Life at the Source -Adventures of an Amazon Explorer”; in 1988 he edited the 20-year retrospective documentary for Carlos Santana,  produced by Bill Graham and seen on PBS.

Here, you can find a link to the trailer for this upcoming documentary A Quantum of Justice – The Documentary

Patron/Performer of the Arts

Doug was inducted into the Child Performers Hall of Fame at the age of 14, for his lead role as “Amahl” in the opera “Amahl and the Night Visitors”.  He is the lyricist/vocalist for the progressive rock band, The Ring.  Their new recording project is expected for an October 2019 release.  Some guest artists on this new project include Grammy winner Wayne Wallace, and legendary Grammy Award-winning producer Jack Douglas (Aerosmith, Dylan, Lennon).  On other previous projects, Doug has enjoyed working with a variety of Grammy, Emmy and Peabody award-winning artists including Santana, Journey, Tina Turner, Bill Gibson, Counting Crows, Robert Shaw, Christopher Hedge, Paul Broucek, Fred Catero, Jim McKee.

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