It’s actually all quite simple, but so corrupt


Once you see behind the proverbial curtain you will find that “it’s actually all quite simple, but so corrupt.”  Why do we call it a justice system, when the justice is gone?  Why do we call it a Trustee when it is in fact a strawman?  Why do we call it a Deed of Trust, when there is no trust involved?  Why do we call it a Non-judicial foreclosure procedure, when the courts are partisan to the fraud?  Perhaps it is called Non-judicial because you will never find true justice.


It all comes down to this: “The banks are incapable of proving that the Trustee is in fact independent in the Deed of Trust contract which the bank used as the instrument as means to attach the home as collateral against the mortgage.  The bank is incapable of proving that the Trustee has the power to protect the homeowner from any wrongdoing by the bank during the life of the Deed of Trust contract as described by the need for the Trustee to be recognized as an independent party to the Deed of Trust transaction.  If the banks are unable to prove of the independence of the Trustee in a Deed of Trust agreement then they are in fact committing fraud when using a Deed of Trust agreement when they do not inform the borrower of the fact that the Trustee is not independent and is incapable of looking out in the best interests of the borrower in the Deed of Trust.  If the bank uses a Deed of Trust agreement, knowing that the Trustee is not independent as described by the CA Supreme Court in 1978; Garfinkle v Superior Court of Contra Costa County, they are in fact committing fraud against the borrower at the inception of the contract which makes the contract in fact VOID.”


Because the bank knows that they are in control of the Trustee in a non-judicial foreclosure action they are able to in fact foreclose on anyone, anytime, anywhere whether they have a mortgage or even paid cash for their property.   Because the banks know that they own the power to replace the Trustee at any time for any reason they see fit they know that if they wish to file fraudulent paperwork to the County Recorder’s Office in a non-judicial foreclosure.  Because there is no party looking out for the interest of the property owner and the courts have handed over the justice system to the Trustee in a Non-Judicial foreclosure action.  Because the courts have entrusted the Trustee, and the CA  Supreme Court has ruled that the Trustee is to be independent in a Deed of Trust agreement they have given the judicial power of correctness to all of the documents that are filed into the court in a non-judicial foreclosure procedure.
The reason the bank or other party is able to file whatever paperwork they choose in order to foreclose on someone is due to a 1998 rule that changed the rules to the Power of Sale clause.  This rule comes from the 1996 Senate bill 1638:

SB 1638, Johnson. Deeds of trust: trustee substitution. Existing law sets forth the procedures for the substitution of trustees under a deed of trust upon real property or an estate for years therein. This bill would, as an alternative procedure, set forth the procedures for the substitution of trustees under a deed of trust upon real property or an estate for years, given to secure an obligation to pay money, by the beneficiary or beneficiaries under the trust deed who hold more than 50% of the record beneficial interest of a series of notes secured by the same real property or of undivided interests in a note secured by real property equivalent to a series transaction. The bill would also establish a process through which all of the beneficiaries under a trust deed can agree to be governed by beneficiaries holding more than 50% of the record beneficial interest of a series of notes in real property or interests in a note equivalent to a series transaction, as specified. In order to substitute trustees or agree to be governed by the majority interest holders, all parties to the transaction would be required to sign and record a document containing specified information.

This rule gave the bank to power to substitute a new trustee at the will of the bank thereby destroying any semblance of law to the Power Of Sale clause or CA Civ Code 2924 therein making any Deed of Trust agreement fraudulent on its face and therefore void.  Which makes EVERY Deed of Trust agreement since Jan 1, 1998 in fact VOID.


We will go over the true repercussions of this next.


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3 thoughts on “It’s actually all quite simple, but so corrupt

  1. Nancy

    I need your help please lost my house recently. It was all illegal I’m destroyed by what they did I am hoping you can’t help me out or refer some one to me
    Thank You
    Nancy Adams

  2. John

    Presently ” renting ” from Wells. After reading part of your site, did some googling. . . we are in Tennessee. Apparently, even our state Sup. Crt. folks think that ” filing cabinet ” called MERS
    is somehow . . . magic, I suppose , in the chain just because the owner’s of MERS made up their own self serving rules about how to avoid recordation. Our story – WFHM tried to steal our place and two mos. before the sale date assigned , HA ! themselves the mortgage from Transland, a
    marginal firm that has been closed since ’07. More to the story but you readers already know the drill, no title records, no true owner, over priced lawyers. We paid our way out, but continue to ” rent ” while WF pussy foots around trying to create a paper trail to prove any servicing or other rights to our place. Can’t sell, can’t refi. either.
    I strongly encourage your work to get the word out and shine a light on these theives.

  3. fronncenter

    Could you possibly point out where it says what you contend. From my understanding, the court said that they did not hand court process to trustees.


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